Why a Tesla Roadster?

I believe that it’s ridiculous to still be relying on machinery that pollutes to get us around. We have the technology so why aren’t we using it? Car makers need to step up! Electric motors have been tried and tested for years in other applications and have been proven to be extremely durable with minimal maintenance—not to mention the savings in fuel cost. It’s a no-brainer. This benefits both the environment and the consumer.

The Tesla Roadster is truly the green car of my dreams! An electric car that can be pitted against some of Porsche’s best.  This is why I want the Tesla Roadster. I’m really hoping that my quest brings some much deserved attention to electric vehicles!

Why a trade-up?

For the past few years, I have been dreaming of owning the Tesla Roadster but I knew I would never be able to afford it. I would have to save up my full salary for a few years to purchase this car. My wife and I also started a family with the birth of our beautiful son William and daughter Emma and have a home with bills to pay; so obviously, our financial priorities are elsewhere.

So I had to get creative. I had to find a way! I was inspired by the guy who traded a red paper clip for a house—Kyle MacDonald—and decided to attempt to reach my goal like he did, by swapping item to item until I reach my dream car.

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9 11 2010
Da TO Guy

Dude….! Are you being real? You gonna trade items to buy a car. I think if you spend your time wisely and invest it into some work, you will have the money to get your car!

Either way… Good lucks!

10 11 2010

Hi Da TO Guy,

I’m so excited to finally receive my very first comment on my blog! Thank you for writing something.

I don’t think the comment “spend your time wisely and invest it into some work” is fair. I did say in my post “Seeing that buying a Roadster would require me to save 3 years of my full salary.” I do work – a lot. I have a full time job and also work after hours on a pager. Not to mention the fact that my wife and I also take care of our son. So maybe it’s just a matter of me being in the wrong business… what do you suggest? 🙂

This is more of a side project that I’m going to work when I have spare time. It’s actually going to be a learning experience. I’ve never really traded stuff before. So it should be interesting.

Please let your friends know about my page – follow me on Twitter @testlatradeup and like my Facebook page by searching for “Help me trade up to a Tesla”.

Thanks for checking me out!!


16 12 2010

Hi Martin,

I would love to chat with you about your quest…and see if there’s enough in there for a radio interview.

Get in touch with me and we can go from there. Thanks,


16 12 2010

Hi Ash,

I sent you an email directly.

Thanks for checking my site out! 🙂


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