Nerdbots joins my trade up quest!

28 01 2012

I told everyone that a comeback was coming and here it is! 🙂 I have struck a deal with Nerdbots – makers of awesome geeky robot companions.

More details will come in a few days… But in the meantime, take a look at Nerdbots’ site to see what they have to offer:

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Important change to the Shopify package could sweeten the deal!

6 07 2011

Shopify has just made changes to its packages – essentially removing the Enterprise and Premium packages and introducing an Unlimited plan. Since this change directly impacts the package that was offered to me, Mark Hayes was nice enough to contact me with a proposition to change the package to a 3000$* gift certificate that can be applied to any of Shopify’s monthly plans. I accepted as this makes for a much better deal for the next person I trade with!

What does this mean? A potentially much better online store package! Here are the plans you could chose for the trade:

– 23 month Unlimited Plan w/ 0% transaction fees** (BETTER HURRY BEFORE IT’S GONE! This plan is on promotion right now and would regularly cost 16 077$! Plus the 0% transaction fees is huge!)
– 30 month Business Plan w/ 1.0% transaction fees**
– 50 month Professional Plan w/ 1.0% transaction fees**
– 103 month Basic Plan w/ 2.0% transaction fees**

As you can see, this change gives the next potential swapper lots of options to open a new online store. This should definitely be interesting!

If you need more information about what is included in the packages, please visit this page on Shopify’s website:

Shopify Packages and Pricing Page

To explore all of Shopify’s in-depth features, visit this page:

Shopify In-Depth Tour

You may also want to signup for a free, no obligation 30 day trial. If you like it, and make a successful trade with me, Shopify will add the package of your choice to your account. How simple is that!?

So what are you waiting for – visit my Swapsity portal and let’s swap!

* The gift certificate can only be applied to the monthly online store plans from Shopify. It may *NOT* be used for any add-ons, customizations or transaction fees.
** Package details may change without notice. Please visit Shopify’s website for up to date package information and pricing.

My visit at Shopify – 6th trade officially completed

23 06 2011

Today was the big day where I got the chance to visit Shopify‘s head quarter in Ottawa’s Byward Market to finalize my sixth trade to officially seal the deal.

I was greeted by Marketing Manager Mark Hayes and felt completely welcomed. After a quick tour of the office… I have to say that this place looks like an awesome place to work! The open concept office space is absolutely gorgeous. Working at Shopify also has lots of perks – but here are the ones that I witnessed first hand:

– Relaxed but focused atmosphere
– Everyone is equipped with the latest Mac hardware
– Plenty of Nerf and squirt guns around the office… Not sure what they’re for! 🙂
– Need a mental break? Play some PS3 or Xbox360: Walked into a Street Fighter tournament (pic in the slideshow)
– Get your day started off right: Breakfast club with a wide selection of cereal (pic in the slideshow)

I also got to see all the different teams that make up Shopify – The executives, developers, support team and the Shopify gurus. They seem to work extremely well together. No wonder they have been named the fastest growing company in Ottawa two years in a row!

So thanks Mark and Shopify for the amazing trade and the great tour of your office!

Know someone that needs a fully featured online store, or you need one of your own? Head over to my Swapsity portal if your interested in making me an offer for the 12 month enterprise package from Shopify. The specs for the store can be found here and examples of the sites you can build with the software here. You may also want to test the service out with the free, no obligation 30 day trial. If you like the service – you may send me an offer and if I accept, Shopify will apply the 12 month package to your account! It’s that easy!

Slideshow of my visit below:

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12 Month Enterprise Online Store Package from Shopify!

15 06 2011

Shopify has really stepped my project up a notch with an amazing trade offer that I absolutely could not resist!

Good thing one of my over 45 emails sent to high tech companies in Ottawa landed in Mark Hayes‘ inbox. He is the marketing manager at Shopify and he loves beer, especially Beau’s. It’s one of his favorites! Needless to say he was completely psyched when I approached Shopify with my trade up project and the VIP brewery tour at Beau’s.

Shopify has agreed to trade a 12 month Enterprise online store package valued at 3000$ USD in return for my Super VIP Beau’s All Natural Brewing tour. They will be using the package as a sweet corporate outing for its employees.

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Shopify gets involved in my trade up quest to a Tesla!

11 06 2011

I have just struck a trade deal for my 7th item with a leading eCommerce company based in Ottawa, Shopify!

Shopify has been on top of my list of companies to approach to swap the Beau’s tour and I am so happy to work with them on my next item.

The details of the trade will be posted on my blog next week! So please make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you get the update first!

Special thanks to Steven at Think Out Loud! in Ottawa for the awesome first offer, and for getting me some great exposure on Twitter. I really appreciate it! Make sure to check out his advertising firm’s website at

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New video posted on YouTube! Re-introduction and a showcase of my sixth item

25 05 2011

My first video detailing my quest was quite choppy and outdated so I decided to create a new video to re-introduce myself to everyone who don’t know me or have just started following my adventure. The video also outlines the details of my current item, the Beau’s Super VIP brewery tour!

Check it out and make sure to share this by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter icon below! 🙂 Thanks!

Sixth item up for trade!

6 05 2011

My sixth item is now available for trade and here are the details of this fantastic experience!

– Super VIP Tour at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. located in Vankleek Hill, ON, for you and 45 of your friends!
– The group will be taken on an in depth brewery tour by a Beau’s beer ambassador, meet the brewers and try everything Beau’s has available, including tasting unreleased beer right out of the aging tanks!
– Round-trip transportation on a bus within 1 hr of the brewery (will extend to Ottawa or Montreal)
– $50 of Beau’s gear (beer excluded) for the person trading with me for my next item.

Value = $1200.00

To make an offer, please visit my Swapsity hub at or contact me here.

My BIG trade announcement – Super VIP tour at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

3 05 2011

How does a Super VIP tour for you and 45 of your friends at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. in Vankleek Hill, Ontario sound? What if this package  included transportation and 50$ of bonus merchandise for the person making the trade? Well, that’s exactly what I was offered by co-founder Steve Beauchesne for my current item!

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