A Cleaner Ride On The Way!

25 07 2014


It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog so I thought I show some sign of life. No, I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth. My life has hit a new level of busyness, so I have less and less time to dedicate to reaching my barter goal of my dream car. But I am still going at it. Not giving up yet. 🙂

Now for something exciting – I’m replacing my old oil leaking – rust bucket commuter for something much much cleaner! I’ll make the announcement when I take delivery of my new ride August 4th and will blog my experience throughout my ownership of the vehicle.

Only hint I’m giving – it’s definitely not a Tesla.

I’m back! … WITH A TRADE! 10th trade completed.

14 08 2013

I know what everyone is thinking… Where have I been for over a year? What’s going on with my trade up? The answer is actually quite simple – I’ve been busy…. crazy busy.

It’s no secret that my life as a father/husband is my number 1 priority… My two little ones have certainly kept me on my feet lately! Who would of thought 4 and almost 2 year old’s would be so active!? But oh man do I ever love them… they always manage to melt my heart each day.

So anyways, with the busy family life; add the crazy hours at work and usual everyday activities to the mix… let’s just say I had zero time to work on my project. However, I didn’t give up…  I still managed to work on trading the HootSuite account whenever I could but I just couldn’t dedicate the time that I have in the past to update my blog, create videos, etc..

The good news is my persistence has paid off! WITH A TRADE! 🙂

The announcement of my 11th item will come shortly. Thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned…

Taking a small break to welcome our new arrival

21 09 2011

Things are about to get busier at the Provost household. I haven’t announced this publicly yet but my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child due very soon, October 1st. Needless to say that for the past few months, we have been extremely busy preparing for our daughters arrival into this world.

My quest was meant to be a side project for me and for EV/Green/Tech fans to follow. Since I have a full time job and am full time husband/dad; obviously I can’t dedicate myself 100% of the time to my project. And now, with our new addition coming anytime, I have to concentrate on what’s important. This is why I’ve decided to a take a temporary break from my adventure.

I apologize to everyone whdo are following me for the lack of updates since my test drive a month ago. Other than being busy with day to day life – I have been working for about 2 months trying to get a mega swap happening with two high profile EV companies. But that has since fallen through. I probably shouldn’t have stuck all my eggs in one basket by concentrating on one trade. In any event, I have learned from it and will be moving on. 🙂

Make sure to signup for email updates on my blog or, if you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll make sure to let everyone know when I’m back in action!

See you all soon and thank you so much for the support.