End of the line for the Roadster!?… What am I to do? (w/ Poll)

15 07 2011

As most Tesla fans out there know – the Roadster is nearing end of production and they will stop taking orders of this iconic vehicle very soon as stock diminishes to focus on the Model S. Even though they ordered an extra 100 chassis from Lotus – I doubt they will last that long.

When news broke out, I received several messages saying that my quest is over. As much as I would love for Tesla Motors to hand me a brand new one at the end of the line, I know it isn’t a realistic goal and wasn’t my original intention. I agree that it will be hard to pry this car out of someones hands, but I always thought I’d have better chances acquiring a used one.

To get a new one, there just isn’t enough time. I would have to pray for a miracle that Tesla Motors holds one for me or that I complete multiple Hail Mary, high profile trades to order one in time! I guess everything is possible but this is unlikely.

That being said – I’m not giving up and will try my hardest to get one whether used or new! 🙂 Or should I perhaps change my goal car to the more practical Model S, since I have a growing family? Hmmm….

As I’m sure a lot of people have their own opinions regarding my quest’s direction. What’s better than a poll to figure out what people are thinking?

Preparing my garage to charge a Tesla Roadster

14 05 2011

Can anyone guess what this orange cable is and why it is routed to my garage? Well, since I’m currently renovating the basement in my house; I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to run a 30amp cable to my garage to allow quicker charging of an electric car!

Curious what the difference in charge is? With a standard 3 prong household plug, the Tesla Roadster would take 48 hours to charge – but with this cable installed (and hooked up to the proper breaker) will allow me to charge the supercar in 10 hours from empty to full!

The job isn’t complete yet – but I will post more pictures when it is! 🙂