Video of third item available on YouTube

17 03 2011

Here is a video of yours truly showcasing the third item in my quest:

Take a look at my Swapsity portal

14 03 2011

As mentioned in my previous post. Swapsity has create an awesome portal for my adventure where you can find more information about me and my quest. You can also make offers on the current item, ask questions and even arrange a Skype call.

Here is the link and make sure to click on the “Like” link under my picture to share amongst your Facebook friends:

@TeslaTradeUp is teaming up with!

10 03 2011

In an earlier post; I told you that exciting things where coming! Well here it is! I have teamed up with an awesome swapping site called!

The folks at Swapsity will help me market my quest to get me more media exposure and eventually more trades! They have also been kind enough to create a central hub for all of my trading activity!

You can visit my portal here:

For more information about Swapsity – visit this web page . I encourage everyone to join this fantastic site and get swapping!

Special thanks goes to the founder of Swapsity – Marta Nowinska for helping me out and believing in what I am trying to accomplish. Most of the credit will go to her and the great people of Swapsity if I succeed in this journey. Thanks a million!!

New Pictures of my Third Item

3 03 2011

New pictures have been added to my post about my third item. Check ’em out!


Exciting Things Happening

23 02 2011

I just thought I would post an update on my blog since I haven’t done so in quite some time. As it is with a lot of people, my personal and work life have been extremely busy lately and this is why my updates have come few and far between.

As far as trading goes, I still have the HP computer and will be working hard to get some offers for a trade. However, in the last few weeks, some really exciting things have been happening that will definitely fast track my quest!

I will be posting some information about what’s been going on within a few weeks. Just as a teaser, one of the announcements include a new interview!

Check back periodically to not miss out on my announcements and please share the word through Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this. Lookin’ good eh?:

My PhotoShop skills hard at work…

Third item ready for trade and posted on multiple sites!

5 01 2011

Alright – so here it is, my third item – an HP Pavillion a1034n.

I posted it on 4 websites and here are the links:

Edit – please visit my Swapsity portal to view the item and make offers.


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One item closer to my Tesla – Second item traded!

4 01 2011

Well folks – I did it. I finally traded my Talkswitch!

A computer shop owner by the name of Eric Bérubé in Embrun heard my interview on CBC radio. He decided to help me out by trading a used computer for the Talkswitch. Thank you to Eric and the whole “The Computer Doctor” crew for getting me out of this jam.

In terms of monetary value – I think I’m breaking even. It definitely was not a huge tradeup like I expected but a trade none the less. It will generate a lot more interest on the used websites than a telephone system.

Here are a few pictures of the trade that took place:

Expect to see the computer specs and listing information on this blog starting late tomorrow.

Want a free ride in a Tesla Roadster?

21 12 2010

Yes – that’s right! You get something out of this too!

If you participate in any of the trades that helped me get to my goal and I am successful in purchasing/acquiring a Tesla Roadster – Not only will you get featured on the website and be forever famous.  You will get a free ride in the new Tesla Roadster with yours truly (If you live in (or can get to) the Ottawa region).

Attention Business Owners!

As an added bonus to business owners –  you can also get free advertising on this site! (Click here for details)

Item added to!

20 12 2010

I haven’t had much time lately to post this item anywhere – I’ve renewed my ads on UsedOttawa and Kijiji but decided to add it to a popular swapping site called Check it out!

Learning the hard way…

10 11 2010

I’m already learning that this will be a little bit harder than I envisioned. In my eyes (in terms of monetary value),  my first trade was successful. I traded an old film camera (40$ max) for a 400$+ small business telephone switching system. But the problem is that regular joes on the various trading sites aren’t interested in these kind of items. They are looking for more consumer oriented products.

I might need to cut my losses and sell the TalkSwitch on eBay – then purchase another trading item with the money. Does anyone out there have other suggestions?? I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for updates! And please make sure to follow me on twitter @teslatradeup and like my Facebook page by searching for “Help me trade up to a Tesla”. Tell your friends as well.