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My name is Martin Provost and I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I’m an office monkey by day – father, husband and swapper by night.

I can be found on Twitter (@teslatradeup)  and on Facebook at this address:

Swapsity is my portal where I will accept trade offers for my items.

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31 03 2011

1)Where did you get this computer?
2)How old is this computer?
3)When will be the offer close?
4)Any reason why this “OLD” single core Pen. 4 computer value $300?


31 03 2011

Hi Tony,

To answer your questions:

– I got this computer from “The Computer Doctor” in Embrun Ontario. I had such a hard time with the Talkswitch that I had at the time and accepted the trade offer for the computer. I thought it would generate more interested since everyone uses computers.
– I’m not sure exactly how old the computer is. But my best guess about 3 years (??).
– A trade is actually currently in the works and I will announce it sometime this weekend :o)
– 300$ was the price that the store was going to sell it for. So that’s where I got the price.

Thank you so much for the comment!


16 08 2011

Good Luck. I just read the thread on and went to your site, then facebok. I love my 2010 2.5 Red Tesla Roadster. Even though there is only one other Tesla in the Fresno CA area, I feel like the botherhood with other owners around the world is amazing.

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