I’m back! … WITH A TRADE! 10th trade completed.

14 08 2013

I know what everyone is thinking… Where have I been for over a year? What’s going on with my trade up? The answer is actually quite simple – I’ve been busy…. crazy busy.

It’s no secret that my life as a father/husband is my number 1 priority… My two little ones have certainly kept me on my feet lately! Who would of thought 4 and almost 2 year old’s would be so active!? But oh man do I ever love them… they always manage to melt my heart each day.

So anyways, with the busy family life; add the crazy hours at work and usual everyday activities to the mix… let’s just say I had zero time to work on my project. However, I didn’t give up…  I still managed to work on trading the HootSuite account whenever I could but I just couldn’t dedicate the time that I have in the past to update my blog, create videos, etc..

The good news is my persistence has paid off! WITH A TRADE! 🙂

The announcement of my 11th item will come shortly. Thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned…



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14 08 2013

Great news!!

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