9th item announcement – GoPro HD Hero2 3D package!

2 05 2012

Trade number eight is complete and as a gadget nut, I’m extremely excited to announce the 9th and latest item in my trade up quest – an HD Hero2 3D camera package from GoPro!

Here is what’s included in the package:

– 2 HD Hero2 Cameras – Motorsports Edition
– 2 Battery BacPacs (doubles your cameras battery life)
– 2 3D Hero Systems
– 2 Chest Mount Camera Harness

This package includes everything you need to capture stunning HD point of view action videos with the tools to shoot it all in 3D. My 9th item is available now! So please spread the word if you know anyone that might be interested.

Check out GoPro website at www.gopro.com for more details about their products.

In exchange for the camera package, GoPro will be working with Nerdbots to create 2 GoPro themed robots using their cameras in the build. Sounds like fun doesn’t it!

Check the below gallery for detailed pictures of the package:

And check out this video to see what is possible with these awesome cameras:



One response

15 05 2012

Glad to get our hands on the camera and help you get the Tesla with a little help from an Owl.

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