The day has come to part with my GoPro Package

30 05 2012

The day has come to part with my GoPro package… Great trade though with HootSuite! Package leaving today destination HootSuite HQ c/o Ryan Holmes (CEO)! Bye Bye lovely gadget…

10th item announcement – HootSuite 10 Seat Enterprise Package for 1 Year (12000$ value)

18 05 2012

Trade number 9 is complete and I’m so happy that another great company could help me out – HootSuite. I have traded the GoPro package for a HootSuite 10 seat enterprise package for 1 year.  This package is valued at 400 times the value of the old camera I started with – 12 000$! Needless to say – I am so stoked to be breaking the 10k mark! 🙂

With the growing need (and challenge) for companies to reach out to their customers through the different social media streams – There’s no wonder this company is one of Canada’s hottest tech companies right now. HootSuite’s product specializes in organizing, measuring and tracking your social media campaigns and allow your teams to collaborate with each other on a safe and secure platform.

To check out what this package includes, click on this link for a full list of features:

I’m currently working on a face-to-face trade with the Ryan and will make sure to post it when it happens!

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Wow that was quick! 9th trade completed with HootSuite!

16 05 2012

Wow that was quick! I have just completed a trade for the GoPro package with HootSuite! They are the leading social media dashboard management tool used by some huge companies like GoPro and Pepsi.

I was looking to contact tech company CEOs that have an interest for action sports. And after doing a bit of research, I decided to contact this guy:

Ryan Holmes – CEO of HootSuite

I noticed on his Twitter profile that he is an avid cyclist and saw that he tweeted about GoPro in the past. So I decided to send him a quick email and I got an email the next day, directly from him with an offer! Turns out he is a huge GoPro fan and loves their cameras. The offer was a huge jump in value and I couldn’t refuse. It’s an amazing package for a company that needs an enterprise solution to manage their social media streams.

Trade details will be announced soon after all the details are ironed out. So please stay tuned!

Thank you friendly owl!

9th item announcement – GoPro HD Hero2 3D package!

2 05 2012

Trade number eight is complete and as a gadget nut, I’m extremely excited to announce the 9th and latest item in my trade up quest – an HD Hero2 3D camera package from GoPro!

Here is what’s included in the package:

– 2 HD Hero2 Cameras – Motorsports Edition
– 2 Battery BacPacs (doubles your cameras battery life)
– 2 3D Hero Systems
– 2 Chest Mount Camera Harness

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