Taking a small break to welcome our new arrival

21 09 2011

Things are about to get busier at the Provost household. I haven’t announced this publicly yet but my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child due very soon, October 1st. Needless to say that for the past few months, we have been extremely busy preparing for our daughters arrival into this world.

My quest was meant to be a side project for me and for EV/Green/Tech fans to follow. Since I have a full time job and am full time husband/dad; obviously I can’t dedicate myself 100% of the time to my project. And now, with our new addition coming anytime, I have to concentrate on what’s important. This is why I’ve decided to a take a temporary break from my adventure.

I apologize to everyone whdo are following me for the lack of updates since my test drive a month ago. Other than being busy with day to day life – I have been working for about 2 months trying to get a mega swap happening with two high profile EV companies. But that has since fallen through. I probably shouldn’t have stuck all my eggs in one basket by concentrating on one trade. In any event, I have learned from it and will be moving on. 🙂

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See you all soon and thank you so much for the support.