My test drive in the Roadster was like… WOW! (w/ Video and Pics)

16 08 2011

Well, I can check one thing off of my bucket list… I finally got to drive a Tesla Roadster and wow did it not disappoint!

While waiting for my test drive, I was extremely nervous because I had never driven anything remotely as fast as a Roadster. I thought, due to it’s power, it would be hard to control – that was far from reality.

Hans, the regional sales manager at Tesla Motors Toronto, brought me out on the test drive. I started by riding shotgun while we talked more about the car and all of it’s advantages. He also showed me what it could do by accelerating, slowing down (regen. brakes), braking and cornering.

…Then it was my turn!

As soon as I sat down in the Roadster and started driving away – the car was so smooth! It wasn’t jerky at all and felt totally natural to drive. The acceleration and handling was out of this world! I couldn’t wait to get to the next stop sign so that I could be propelled like a jet again.

The other thing I was looking forward to experiencing was the regenerative braking. I always wondered if it would take a lot of getting used too but it was actually pleasant and not at all weird! I found that it gave me more control over my speed while in traffic and lowered my brake usage significantly!

Enough with the talk, what better way to see my experience than seeing it on video. Hans was nice enough to let me tape the whole test drive! So, here it is. I hope you enjoy it:

00:00 – Intro
03:37 – Riding shotgun with Hans
14:15 – My turn to drive!
15:29 – Accelerates like a jet!
19:17 – Dream come true

Here are pictures from the event:

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2 responses

18 08 2011

good luck pal

18 08 2011

Hi Mark, thanks for the wishes! I’m sure I’ll need that luck! 🙂

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