One of my dreams will come true this Friday @2pm

9 08 2011

One of my dreams will come true this Friday at 2pm; I’m actually test driving a Tesla Roadster!

2 weeks back, I received an email notification that Tesla Motors was coming to Ottawa to provide test drives of the Roadster for potential buyers. I decided to try my luck, so I RSVP’d and sent an email to the regional sales rep at Tesla. To my surprise and excitement – I got a confirmation that I was booked for the 2pm time slot August 12th!

I’m planning on taking video of the test drive and plenty of pictures of the oh so sweet Roadster. Hopefully the Tesla rep will be cool enough to hold the camera, since my hands will be busy holding on to my dear life! 🙂

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10 08 2011
Alexandre Vallières (@Alexandr3)

Don’t worry, if you meet Hans Ulsrud (sales manager) he will hold it for you 🙂 He’s a very nice guy and has one of the best jobs on the planet meeting people and showing off the Roadster!

10 08 2011

Ya – that’s what I hear!

Hopefully I don’t make a fool of myself and scream like that kid on the YouTube videos during his drive in a Roadster!

I’ll make sure to get good footage! 🙂

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