12 Month Enterprise Online Store Package from Shopify!

15 06 2011

Shopify has really stepped my project up a notch with an amazing trade offer that I absolutely could not resist!

Good thing one of my over 45 emails sent to high tech companies in Ottawa landed in Mark Hayes‘ inbox. He is the marketing manager at Shopify and he loves beer, especially Beau’s. It’s one of his favorites! Needless to say he was completely psyched when I approached Shopify with my trade up project and the VIP brewery tour at Beau’s.

Shopify has agreed to trade a 12 month Enterprise online store package valued at 3000$ USD in return for my Super VIP Beau’s All Natural Brewing tour. They will be using the package as a sweet corporate outing for its employees.

With this trade agreement, I more than doubled the value of the Beau’s tour. I’m now sitting on a trade item that is 100 times the value of the camera that I started with. Not too shabby! 🙂

I will be visiting Shopify‘s headquarter in Ottawa’s Byward Market for the official swap next week and I’ll make sure to post up some pictures of the whole thing.

Oh and did I mention… Tesla Motors is one of Shopify‘s featured clients… 😀



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