Shopify gets involved in my trade up quest to a Tesla!

11 06 2011

I have just struck a trade deal for my 7th item with a leading eCommerce company based in Ottawa, Shopify!

Shopify has been on top of my list of companies to approach to swap the Beau’s tour and I am so happy to work with them on my next item.

The details of the trade will be posted on my blog next week! So please make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you get the update first!

Special thanks to Steven at Think Out Loud! in Ottawa for the awesome first offer, and for getting me some great exposure on Twitter. I really appreciate it! Make sure to check out his advertising firm’s website at



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19 06 2011
John R

So, why did you pick Shopify instead of Think Out Loud, considering both offers were for the same amount? Also, Think Out Loud bid first, and said they would try to outbid any other offer. Just curious. I just read about you in Autoblog-green, BTW.

19 06 2011

Hi John,

Thanks for leaving a comment!

This was a hard one. This is the first time in my quest that I had to decline an offer. I knew this would come as the quest progresses and gets more popular, but it’s never easy to say no to a great offer. My decision was taken based on me wanting to keep with my theme and it was also strategic.

When I started my quest, I wanted to trade mostly IT and Green related items. Shopify was one Ottawa IT company that was on top of my list to deal with for this swap. They are a young, IT related and are growing extremely rapidly. They have a huge following on Twitter and Facebook and have offered to market the heck out of this item for me.

Another reason why I approached Shopify, if you go to their website ( – check out the list of featured customers… You might just see one that sticks out. They are pretty much the only company in Ottawa that I could have traded the beer tour with that has ties with Tesla Motors. 🙂

Anyways – this is a side project and a complete learning experience. Hopefully my moves pay off! 😀

Thanks again!


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