Special guest showcasing my fourth item – The Rhys Williams’ Jordan Zalis

4 04 2011

You’re in for a treat everyone! I am no musician so I thought, what better way to showcase my fourth item by having it played by a talented musician.

I got in contact with my friend – Jordan Zalis from the band The Rhys Williams and he agreed to record a full length song entitled Miss Newton all in HD. He is playing the whole song on the Jasmine by Takamine S33 that is up for trade right now!

Please support this awesome band by visiting The Rhys Williams’ fan page at http://www.facebook.com/therhyswilliams and make sure to like it for band updates and concert dates. You can also follow them on Twitter @TheRhysWilliams.

Without further ado, here is The Rhys Williams’ Jordan Zalis performing Miss Newton:

Thanks Jordan for the awesome performance!



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17 04 2011
Thanks for the offers! Potentially huge trade coming… « Trading up to a Tesla

[…] I am happy that this item is generating more interest than my previous items. Thanks again to Jordan Zalis for the sweet guitar performance, I’m sure lots of the attention is due to your awesome guitar […]

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