Audio clip now available of my interview on The Green Majority

2 04 2011

Well, I did it. I now have 2 live interviews under my belt! I have to say that I was very nervous for this one but all in all, I think I did pretty well. Thanks to everyone for your support!

But note to self – don’t let an electrician into your house when you are doing a live interview! At the end of the clip, you’ll hear that I suddenly drop off the show – well, that was because the power was cut off to my telephone base. What a way to go! Good thing I was at the end of the interview!

Here is the audio clip (Thanks Marta!):



2 responses

2 04 2011
The electrician

Hey it’s not my fault your basement is connected with your living room and some of your kitchen. But we’ll make it right.

2 04 2011

Ya I know… The house has been wired by monkeys I tell you! Thanks for your help by the way!

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