@TeslaTradeUp is teaming up with Swapsity.ca!

10 03 2011

In an earlier post; I told you that exciting things where coming! Well here it is! I have teamed up with an awesome swapping site called Swapsity.ca!

The folks at Swapsity will help me market my quest to get me more media exposure and eventually more trades! They have also been kind enough to create a central hub for all of my trading activity!

You can visit my Swapsity.ca portal here: http://www.swapsity.ca/tradeup

For more information about Swapsity – visit this web page http://www.swapsity.ca/pages/about . I encourage everyone to join this fantastic site and get swapping!

Special thanks goes to the founder of Swapsity – Marta Nowinska for helping me out and believing in what I am trying to accomplish. Most of the credit will go to her and the great people of Swapsity if I succeed in this journey. Thanks a million!!



One response

11 03 2011

Way to go, Martin! We can’t wait to see you behind the wheel and what kind of swap offers are going to get you there!

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