One item closer to my Tesla – Second item traded!

4 01 2011

Well folks – I did it. I finally traded my Talkswitch!

A computer shop owner by the name of Eric Bérubé in Embrun heard my interview on CBC radio. He decided to help me out by trading a used computer for the Talkswitch. Thank you to Eric and the whole “The Computer Doctor” crew for getting me out of this jam.

In terms of monetary value – I think I’m breaking even. It definitely was not a huge tradeup like I expected but a trade none the less. It will generate a lot more interest on the used websites than a telephone system.

Here are a few pictures of the trade that took place:

Expect to see the computer specs and listing information on this blog starting late tomorrow.



2 responses

4 01 2011
Pennies To A Dream

Now, that’s better!!! Good to hear that it was traded. The computer is definitely something that more people would want and use. It took me over 2 months to trade the faucet that I had, but this Friday I’m trading for something cool. I think the computer won’t take long to trade. When you get up to the Tesla, take a drive to Winnipeg and we’ll have a beer together. 🙂

4 01 2011

Ya for sure!! I hope more charging stations are built before then though!! Hehehe 🙂 or else you will have to take a trip to Ottawa!

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