Learning the hard way…

10 11 2010

I’m already learning that this will be a little bit harder than I envisioned. In my eyes (in terms of monetary value),  my first trade was successful. I traded an old film camera (40$ max) for a 400$+ small business telephone switching system. But the problem is that regular joes on the various trading sites aren’t interested in these kind of items. They are looking for more consumer oriented products.

I might need to cut my losses and sell the TalkSwitch on eBay – then purchase another trading item with the money. Does anyone out there have other suggestions?? I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for updates! And please make sure to follow me on twitter @teslatradeup and like my Facebook page by searching for “Help me trade up to a Tesla”. Tell your friends as well.



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10 11 2010

How’s it going? I just stumbled across your page and thought that I would give my “2 cents” on your project. I’ve been doing Pennies To A Dream now for a couple of months and have found that it’s not as easy as I thought. There’s a ton of blog upkeep to make it as appealing and intriguing as possible. Your first trade was pretty good, but where’s the photo of the trade? I could definitely see this being a hard item to get re-trade, as I don’t know too many people that need it. That’s where I guess you have to be cautious as to only trade for something that the general public would need. I like your idea of business promoting, as I had the same idea for my site. lol If you get the chance, go and check it out. Please leave a comment too. I’m like you and love to hear what people are thinking about the site. Did you get this idea from Kyle’s oneredpaperclip journey?

15 11 2010

Hi Curt,

Thanks for the great feedback.

Ya I thought the first trade was lucky in a sense. I didn’t even think anyone would care in participating, but I was happy someone did! The person that I traded with even gave me the chance to pick from a list of items – I went for the overall price value of the item instead of focusing re-tradeability (if that’s a word!) . I guess that’s part of the game – it’s a learning experience.

To answer your question – there is no picture of the first trade because the trader in question asked that he remain anonymous. But rest assured, future trades will be documented with pictures! :o)

Yes, I did get inspired by Kyle’s journey – I have also heard of another person in the States that traded his way to a Porsche starting with an old cellphone.

I see from your website you are doing quite well. Hope you achieve your goal as well! Any chance in cross promotion?? :o)

Take care!


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