First trade completed!!!

23 09 2010

My first trade has been made!! A very nice individual (that wishes to remain anonymous), has traded me the camera for a small business telephone switching system. I checked on the internet and it sells for approximately 400$USD in like new condition.

He told me however that he would like a ride in the roadster when I get it. I obviously replied with a big YES! Everyone that helps me out throughout the trades will get a ride but he will definitely be one of the first for having started it all!

Well – that’s not bad for a first trade! Here are the pictures of the product. It is a TalkSwitch 48-NLS CT-TS01!

Here are the specs and some pictures:

The all-in-one, customer-installable telephone system with uncompromising features at unprecedented prices. The TalkSwitch 48-NLS includes powerful remote extensions, auto attendants, voicemail and much more. With 4 lines, 8 local and 8 remote extensions, it’s scalable to 16 lines/32 local and 32 remote extensions and upgradeable to the TalkSwitch 48-CVA. The TalkSwitch 48-NLS is the perfect phone system for small business, multi-branch and home-based business.

TalkSwitch packs big phone power into an amazingly compact small business system. It’s only 8 inches wide, 2 inches high and 8 inches deep and weighs in under 2 pounds. 

– 4 Lines In 
– 8 Local Extensions 
– 8 Remote Extensions 
– 9 Auto Attendants 
– Multiple Voice Mailboxes. 
– Upgradeable! 
– All software updates absolutely FREE.

Features and benefits:

The TalkSwitch family of phone systems includes rich built-in features that other systems may charge extra for.


– TalkSwitch 48-NLS Model CT-TS01 
– One improvised AC adapter that works but trader can purchase one on the internet


Like New. Was slightly used and has a few light scratches.

Thanks again Mr. Anonymous!



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